Art Institute of Chicago Surprise Engagement Session | Nicholas + Joliana

Nicolas and Joliana first met at a rally in downtown Chicago, and when Nick decided to propose, he decided to return to the site of their first meeting, the South Garden at the Art Institute of Chicago. Nick said that Joliana is almost impossible to surprise because she always figures out when something is going on, but he was determined to pull off a surprise engagement and spend hours working out all of the details! Joliana was in graduate school and in the middle of finals week so Nicolas was worried that he wouldn't be able to pull her away from her studies in the library to propose. 

He finally hit of the plan of having her academic adviser- the one person that he knew she wouldn't say no to- call and ask her to meet to go over some important details of her program.  I hid behind a tree and as they entered the garden, Joliana called her advisor to confirm where they were meeting, completely unaware of Nicolas's intentions! 

As Nick tried to get Joliana to get off her phone, she glanced over, noticed me, and finally realized that something was about to happen! After making their way to the fountains, Nick brought out his phone and shared a slide show that he had created celebrating the highlights of their relationship. As the slide show finished, Nick got down on one knee. 

After Joliana tearfully said yes, Nick pulled out one more surprise! He had flown Joliana's best friend in to be a part of their day!

NIck and Joliana- it was such a pleasure to be a part of such a joyful day!